Similar Yet Different – What You Didn’t Know About Permanent, Semi-Permanent Makeup, and Tattoos

Individuals as they walk in to get a professional service are usually skeptical about it even as they wonder at and crave the possibilities. Who wouldn’t for the sensual lips with lipstick that doesn’t smear; who wouldn’t for the eyebrows that won’t lose the shape? Shower or sleep, nothing will damage the colors in place. You don’t have to worry about (re)applying or removing the stuff every minute. But…which procedure is it that would work for you?


Understanding Permanent Makeup

Following the same technique as used in body art tattoos, cosmetic tattoos or permanent makeup quickly emerged as a trend for women tired of reapplying makeup every hour, every day. Like the name suggests, these were the ‘permanent’. In other words, this means that if you were still unsatisfied with your look post-treatment, whether because it looked unnatural, whether you had picked the wrong color, or whether the fashion has changed, you couldn’t do much about it. Besides, given that the pigmentation of lips, eyebrows, and eyeliner is via needle, you’d want to carefully evaluate your options regarding the technician, machine, or even the type of pigment involved. This makes it a sort of curse – unless, of course, you are an older woman, who having already wasted loads of her money and time every year on makeup, who suffers from hair loss, discoloration, or unsteady hands/vision, seeks an alternative and it seems like a real blessing. Afraid you can’t make that sort of long-term commitment? There’s a new fish in town and it’s called semi-permanent makeup.


Understanding Semi-Permanent Makeup

One of the main differences between these two is how deep the human skin is penetrated. Semi-permanent, unable to last as long as their older counterparts, is what rarely goes beyond the epidermis layer; depending upon factors like your lifestyle, UV exposure, health, age, smoking and alcohol intake influence if yours can last for around 2 years before needing a retouch. Couple this with the fact that pigments for this procedure do not have emollients, fragrances, or any other ingredient added makes it more exciting. Time limitations aside, one can’t really complain too much about the results. It looks natural and is pleasant to behold. The results are immediate whether you choose to highlight your eyes or lip line, creating bold or dramatic definition, and will heal generally between 4-7 days. Since it is semi-permanent cosmetics, you can be reassured that the colors can be changed any time.


Why Temporary Tattoo Eyebrows or Lips?

A tattoo like the ones offered at Beauti-Full-Brows serves as a sticky label for the skin, emphasizing that it’s not there for good and can be washed off in a couple of days. The lasting period again varies for different people making them by far the most ideal product to boost confidence as well as maintain your well being following a successful enhancement by a professional. In fact, for some, knowing the style and shape achieved by a particular item can help decide whether cosmetic tattooing would be a good investment or not; as long as they remember that the body reaction and color results will turn out different.

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