Charcoal Burning or Gas Burning BBQ Grills – What’s the Better Option?

One of the childhood memories of almost all American kids is having seen their dads struggle with a wide variety of BBQ grills in pursuit of the best steaks and patties. However, watching their fathers repeating the ritual of painfully starting the charcoal fire with the help of lighter fluid was just too hectic for today’s generation.


Charcoal Burning or Gas Burning BBQ Grills - What’s the Better Option?

Charcoal Burning or Gas Burning BBQ Grills – What’s the Better Option?

Looking back, not many Americans would have thought that one day, they would have the liberty of making the best steaks, juicy patties and honey glazed wings within a small amount of time. And who would have thought that the process would be so clean. Moreover, using the grill other than on weekends is an added benefit that comes with the latest models.

With newer grills, there is no waiting for the fire to be hot enough for you to get the grilling started. Additionally, you can even get another thing or two done in the meantime while tasty hamburgers are getting ready for you. So the question is; which is the best grill for grilling some meat for yourself?

People have different choices when it comes to grilling. Some prefer charcoal burning BBQ grills while others are fans of gas burning BBQ grills.

With charcoal burning BBQ grills, some people believe that there is a lot of cleaning involved after the process of cooking, while using these grills for cooking is a source of absolute delight for those who love staying old school. They like to get their hands dirty by handling pieces of charcoal and the very sight and texture of the charcoal pieces is an added flavor for them.

Moreover, the added flavor of the charcoal to the culinary delights is truly unique. Perhaps this is the smartest choice for people who particularly admire a strong smoky taste to their food. The downside quoted by some avid grillers is the fear of the charcoal running out of stock in the middle of the cooking.

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of using a gas burning BBQ grill. There can never be any shortage of fuel during the course of the cooking. These grills also take a shorter time to get the cooking done properly. To add a new dimension in terms of taste, you can always add wood chunks to get a smoky flavor.

But by far, the biggest determinant in choosing the right kind of grill for yourself is the kind of lifestyle you have. If you have a lot of time available on your hands, you may want to indulge in the exotic taste provided by charcoal burning BBQ grills. These grills also provide for better heat and a hotter fire that tenderizes the meat effectively.

No matter what kind of grill you opt for, modern technology has made it possible for you to enjoy different flavors and various levels of tenderization with less clean up time.

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