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Top 5 Tips for flattering photos

Looking for tips to take better photos? Well you’ll find some of the most valuable ones here. These only cover the basics but we recommend that you invest in some photography books because they are more likely to give you more advice and show you the ropes. For now, start with the first tip and break the rules.


Top 5 Tips for flattering photos

Top 5 Tips for flattering photos

ü Break the Rules

Rule of the thirds implies that the subject can be on the either of the frame but never in middle. Though it does make for a good pose there are no strict rules in photography. If you think that a photo will look good with the subject in middle then go for it. Let there be no boundaries to stop you from taking your perfect shot. You’ll be surprised to see that the most striking photos come from bending or breaking the rules.

ü Eye contact

Have the subject make eye contact with the camera while holding the camera at their eye level. This simple trick can make the subject seem more alive and will get you an engaging photo. But there are other things you can try to make the shot more alluring. The ‘off camera look’ has the subject focusing on something outside the frame. Any emotion from the subject will intrigue the viewer as to what is making the subject look surprised or sad. Another great idea is to have the subject focus on something within the frame of the camera. If there are two subjects, let them face each other or just a glance. This will create a story or relationship between the two subjects and a second point of interest for the viewer

ü Watch the light

Morning and the time before the sunset is the best time to take photos. The orangey glow makes the subject look better, unlike the midday sun that makes any imperfections on the skin stand out. The light is softer which makes the colors stand out. There are numerous ways you can use lightening to your benefit. Side lightening or backlighting obscures the subject but makes their frame more prominent. Silhouetting also hides your subject’s feature that looks extremely attractive. Use flash even during the day. This forced extra light will fill in the shadows of the midday sun.

ü Use Props

Right props can enhance the shot and give it more meaning. Focus might shift from the subject, but the prop will add a depth to them. The prop can be something personal or anything that might add fun to the shot. Personal props make the best kind of props, the hidden meaning is only evident to the subject but the right photographer can make the viewer also feel its importance. Make the shots timeless so that they might not seem outdated on the mantelpiece 10 years from now like a chair in the middle of anywhere makes for a very good shot.

ü Be mindful of Limbs

Arms straight down the sides makes arms look larger and gives a dull look. The static appearance doesn’t add much to the photo so it’s better to position arms in a way that shows movement. Similarly, when the subject is sitting and their legs is showing, show more fluidity in the pose. With male subjects, be careful of poses that might seem feminine.

If your photos don’t turn out so well, don’t worry. The flattering photos will come with some experience, so keep up the practice until then. Also check out http://www.melodyrobbinsphotography.com for some great photos. Keep clicking!

5 Ways to prepare for a Headshot

These photo sessions can be scary and exciting at the same moment. A thousand questions bug you and the preparations are endless. These nerve wrecking thoughts might take as toll on you so stop stressing over it. Just follow the 5 tips given below and you’ll definitely rock the photo shoot.


5 Ways to prepare for a Headshot

5 Ways to prepare for a Headshot


1.     Skin

You’d want to have a glowing and radiant face for the headshots, for which you’ll have to prepare your skin. Get a smoother and clearer skin by drinking plenty of water during the week before your headshot photo shoot. Avoid salty or fried food and also sun exposure, as they bloat the skin and that is something a good photo shoot cannot afford. Incorporate healthy food in your diet, preferably for everyday of the year, but especially for the week prior to the photo shoot. Get plenty of sleep and take special care of your skin. Opt for cleansing facials and soothing masks that will relax and add shine to your face. Do remember to get all this done the week before your photo shoot in case your skin gets a reaction from any of the treatments.

2.     Hair

Your hair must look perfect for the session so get a new haircut or hairstyle. But freshly cut hair looks strange for the next week or two so do get your hair done about a fortnight before the photo shoot. Remember to get a style that highlights the curves and features of your face.

3.     Facial Hair

Get that extra facial hair off your face and spend on some waxing or threading services. The skin might get irritated after plucking or bleaching so get it done way before the session, if you don’t want a bloated face for the shoot.

4.     Teeth

Avoid foods and drinks that might stain your teeth, but if they are yellowed or stained it’s better to get a professionally whitening treatment. They might be costly so if you don’t want to invest in them, your photographer can easily remedy the problem. There’s nothing good old Photoshop can’t handle.

5.     The right expression

You need to be aware of the feeling that has to be captured. You don’t just have to feel the emotion, it must be expressed and since you can’t do it with words, you’ll have to make up for it with your expressions and eyes. Since this is a professional headshot, go for a relaxed look with a subtle smile. You can also opt for a more sober look if you feel comfortable with it.

Timing holds the key to a perfect shot. So don’t stress out while the photo shoots. Get enough sleep and allow yourself plenty of time to relax at the studio and get comfortable with the photographer. You may find many photographers who boast of being the best but only select the ones who have a different perspective of the world around them. And Melody Robbins is one such photographer. Her work has received widespread recognition and her passion for photography has served as her profession for over 18 years. So check out http://www.melodyrobbinsphotography.com for contact details and relish your special moments forever. And do remember to update your images on the social media once you are done with the session. This would enable others to get an honest depiction of your current looks. These headshots can make great professional images too. So book a session now!

Senior class portraits: The first Impression

Make this time the most memorable moments of your life. The school is about to end, you’ll step into the real world soon and have many responsibilities, so spend this time being carefree and happy. The internet is full of ideas for senior class portraits so start the creative juices flowing and go crazy.


Photo Shoot ideas

  • Your photographer will have plenty of ideas for the session but you can always add your own style. Though balloons might seem childish but when incorporated in the right way, they can gives a great look to your portraits. Sparkles and confetti are other nice addition to the photos, adding a little bit of magic. Or go for a more sparkling look with sparklers; write your name with one for a more glittery setting.
  • Abandoned or remote locations look wonderful, with just the right lightening and camera angle. You can go for this option since the photographer can control the level of exposure. As for you, act for the part and get weird.
  • Or just do the opposite and get creative on the busy city streets. A shot of you standing by the passing traffic, or waiting at the bus stop. The photographer should use the sunlight to create a unique image. There are so many ways you can make this session exciting and beautiful too.
  • A natural background would look lovely – stand in a field of flowers, lie down in a bright pillow of green grass, or get the looming mountains in the distance. All of these would give a more natural look to the photos.
  • Dress up in glittery gowns and sparkling heels and get a fairy tale photo shoot. Get cute with farm animals or just include your pets. They make pretty good photo partners.
  • Use some props to hold or sit on during the session, such as a book, chair or an umbrella maybe.
  • These photos are a great way to showcase your special talents. If you are a musician, incorporate your instrument in the photos. Get your sports spirit on and get creative on the field of your favorite sport.

During the shoot

  • Relax and be comfortable with he settings.
  • If you are in a studio, ask the photographer to put on some music to ease the tension.
  • Follow the photographer’s direction. They will know the best poses to get a good photo so do what they say, even if it might seem silly.
  • Let that smile come naturally or you’ll get a mechanical smile that looks horrible. If you are relaxed, the smile will look great. A little tip to help you; leave a little space between the teeth for a genuine looking smile.
  • Allow yourself little breaks during the photos and take a sip of water to cool down.

This time will not return so make sure that you enjoy every last bit. But most importantly, choose the photographer that will make this time more special and creative. Visit www.melodyrobbinsphotography.com and make these senior year portraits memories to relish.

Temporary Tattoo Eyebrows: Easy to use and Remove

Ready to go out partying for the night but your eyebrows don’t seem right? That might be the case of every other woman in the world. Since the eyes are the most noticed feature of a person, it’s important to take care of the area surrounding them and the eyebrows top the list. These add definition to the person’s bone structure thus making them more attractive. The plucking, threading and waxing might take a toll at your eyebrows. But there’s no way you can go out without getting them in shape. Or can you?

Temporary Tattoo Eyebrows: Easy to use and Remove

Temporary Tattoo Eyebrows: Easy to use and Remove

Of course yes, if you have a pair of fake eyebrows (Temporary tattoo eyebrows) at hand. Great! Now you don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror, getting the right shape. With a compatible pair of false eyebrows, you can rock a new look and at a more reasonable price than getting a permanent tattoo.

But why do most people prefer temporary tattoo eyebrows over permanent eyebrows? A number of reasons make the former a better choice. Well frankly they are quite inexpensive and easy to use. No surgery is required to get the desired results and you get the perfectly shaped eyebrows without experiencing any painful procedures. So let’s take a look at the features of temporary eyebrows that make them a convenient alternative.

Apply the Tattoo

  1. Firstly, you’ll have to clean the skin with a facial cleanser, soap or alcohol. It’s highly recommended that you use a non-oil product so do check the labels before applying anything.
  2. Pat dry the skin. Don’t scrub the area surrounding the eyebrows.
  3. Check if the eyebrows need to be trimmed or if they work well as they are.
  4. Next, you’ll have to cut out the fake eyebrows, as close to the printed edge as you can. Remove the clear plastic at the back.
  5. Position the fake eyebrows where you desire to stick them and press firmly so that it helps them set.
  6. Wet the tattoo thoroughly with water and wait for 30-40 seconds.
  7. Peel off the tattoo paper and use it to remove any excess glue around the eyebrows.
  8. Let it dry and then apply a moisturizer.

Remove the Tattoo

  1. Quite a simple answer for that, just use baby oil or a facial cleaner and you can easily remove off the false eyebrows.

The temporary tattoos generally last 2-3 days, but it all depends upon how well you treat them. It’s a pity but they don’t last long on oily skin so choose an option that works best for you. If are still having some doubts, then just buy a pair and see for yourself. Visit http://www.beauti-full-brows.com/ and don’t let the latest fashion trend pass you by. They also offer you video demos and instructors that will help you understand the product and how to use that. Their wide range of products is sure to entice you and guarantee high quality products. Take care!

Temporary Tattoo Eyebrows – A wide range of models and colors

A dye job every month is enough to make you go blonde or brunette; there are endless options. But just getting the hair done will not do the job. Your beauty originates from your face and so you must undertake some actions that will ensure the beauty of your face. And the most important features are your eyes that open the window to the soul.

Temporary Tattoo Eyebrows - A wide range of models and colors

Temporary Tattoo Eyebrows – A wide range of models and colors

http://www.beauti-full-brows.com/ offers various products that are bound to astonish you. The temporary Tattoo Eyebrows are smear proof and waterproof too. They can be used for a number of days and happen to be the most affordable eyebrows in the market. The best feature is that it can be customized to suit the needs of customers. These products come in many colors and models a few of which are described below:

  • Brown Eyebrows:

For a more natural look, these eyebrows would work best. And it’s not just for the ladies, beauti-full-Brows offer fake eyebrows for men too. So if you’re fed up of your thinning eyebrow, get a pair of temporary eyelashes and get a whole new look that’ll make others envy you. They have been detailed in such a manner that they look quite real. Some of the models in this color are Noel Brow, Tami Brow, Crystal Brow, Vanity Brow and Dark Shirley.

  • Blonde Eyebrows:

They will look suitable on people with fair to medium complexions. Made with the non-toxic vegetable dyes, this product doesn’t damage the chances of eyebrow hair growth. Zoe, Vivian Brow, Lotty, Diara Brow and Dark Victoria are a few of the models in this category.

  • Brunette Eyebrows:

If you have dark hair, then definitely these models will look good on you. There are a number of models that come in brunette color. Though most of the eyebrows have female names, these are unisex products that are suitable for people who would like to cover-up the image of discolored or thin permanent eyebrows. The temporary tattoo eyebrows come in over 50 models altogether some of which are Sophia Brow, Dark Aaliyah, Angela Brow and Cleo Brow, to name a few.

  • Gray Eyebrows:

This product is best for the people who sport gray or salt and pepper color hair. With the easy to apply and remove option, these eyebrows are aesthetically pleasing and you can easily change your look whenever you feel like. Madison Brow, Alexis Brow, The Nelli Brow and Dori Brow are some of the eyebrows featured in this category.

Whatever the color of your hair, you can easily get the matching eyebrows or something that rings close to your desired color. BEauti-full-Brows is offering these appealing brows for Men and Women alike. Once you do get these eyebrows, there is no question of you having a perfect set of eyebrows, everyday. And when you feel like taking off the fake eyebrows, just use baby oil or facial cleanser. The FDA Approved products are bound to get you excited about the latest fashion trend.

Temporary Tattoo Eyebrows – Leave a lasting Impression

Getting eyebrows trimmed and set every month might be too tedious in your busy life. But there’s no compromise on beauty, what has to be must be done to get the perfect look. The right eyebrows frame your eyes and define the bone structure, making you more attractive. So if there’s a choice between the perfect look and a little pain, ladies you know what to do.


Temporary Tattoo Eyebrows – Leave a lasting Impression

Temporary Tattoo Eyebrows – Leave a lasting Impression

Are your eyebrows too thin, too thick or just not the right shape? All the plucking, threading and waxing doesn’t help at all? If you feel that your eyebrows don’t give you the look that you need, there’s always the option of getting them tattooed. It’s quite a normal procedure these days, one that many ladies have already experienced and give great references to.

Tattoo Eyebrows

These babies are the newest trend in the industry and you should really try this. You wouldn’t have to spend hours applying mascara and cleaning the smudges after a while. These eyebrows are made using non-toxic dyes that in no way hinder the growth of new eyebrow hair. But we do recommend that you opt for temporary tattoo eyebrows. You may want to ask why you should get a temporary one when you get one that is longer lasting? Longer lasting is not the only factor that you have to consider, there are other reasons that make temporary tattoo eyebrows the better option. Just take a look at the cons of the permanent tattoo eyebrows and you’ll get the general idea.

The Bitter Side

  • It can be quiet painful but it might depend on your pain tolerance level. The area around the eyebrows will be swollen and sensitive to the touch for sometime after the procedure. But with the temporary ones, just apply the eyebrows and press firmly. And hey presto! Your new eyebrows are ready. No pain and no more plucking out the excessive hair.
  • Alarming results after the procedure but the appearance will eventually get better in a matter of weeks. The final results are delayed which is quite opposite of a temporary tattoo. With them, you get a perfect look from the first day, no swelling or discoloring.
  • Expensive initial procedure makes sit quite difficult for some people to afford it, although the annual touchups are comparatively reasonable. These costs are cut quite low if you go for the temporary tattoos.
  • They are not exactly permanent, only longer lasting than the temporary tattoos. That’s why they involve a semi-permanent procedure. The eyebrows may discolor over a period of time and touch ups will be required to keep up the smart look.

Keep the cons of permanent tattoo eyebrows and go for the smarter option that is temporary tattoo eyebrows. They are easy to apply and remove and don’t cause the discomfort that permanent ones do. The smudge-free feature makes it the best product to get you the right shaped eyebrows. What’s more appealing about the product is that it’s also available for men. Why should women get all the beauty privileges? So visit http://www.beauti-full-brows.com/ and get your pair of fake eyebrows now. Look trendy!

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