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What did the Mughals eat?

While most of the historical narratives give detailed information about political developments under the Mughal Empire, there are certain aspects that have not been much touched upon regarding the Mughal past, Mughal eating habit is one of such topic.

In this article, we try to partly answer the question: What did the Mughals eat, with the help of information contained in an important Mughal source, Zakhiratul Khwanin.  This work forms an important source for understanding and reconstructing certain socio-cultural aspects of the Mughal Empire.  It is a biographical dictionary of Mughal nobles and forms part of Biographical Literature (Rijal).  It covers a range of nobles from Akbar’s reign to that of Shah Jahaan’s, till 1651 (A.H. 1061), when the work was completed.  Its author is Shaikh Farid Bhakkari who had joined Mughal service sometime before 1592, and having served under several important nobles retired after 1649.

Farid Bhakkari refers to various kinds of eatables laid out during feasts and special occasions and also the kinds which were consumed on a day to day basis. Mention is also found of the cultural underpinnings of the Mughal Nobility where pan, opium and wine appear to be an important part of the Mughal culture.


Babur feasting at Kohat, Baburnama, fol. 137r, AD 1597. National Museum, New Delhi.

Babur feasting at Kohat, Baburnama, fol. 137r, AD 1597. National Museum, New Delhi.

Mughal Feasts

It has been informed that Said Khan Chaghata, an important amir (noble) of Akbar’s time who used to organize for the first twelve days of the month of Rabiul Awwal , the death/birth  anniversary of the Prophet dinners of  lavish nature. In these feasts each person was served a meal of nine shirmal loaves and nine trays of dishes as well as a packet of five seers of sweets, wrapped in white cloth with velvet outer cover, to be taken home. There are also references in Zakhiratul Khwanin to other kinds of feasts which were held in the Mughal society amongst these the commemoration (urs) celebrations appear an important occasion for holding feasts. Feasts were also organized by nobles on special orders of the Emperor. Farid Bhakkari informs us of one such feast held on the orders of Akbar by Abul Fazl for Khudawand Khan Dakani, who used to hold a high position in the Nizamul Mulk regime of Ahmadnagar and had risen to a mansab of 3000 under Akbar. In this feast in front of each of Khudawand Khan’s servants nine trays of dishes and one roasted sheep with one hundred loaves were served, while in front of Khudawand Khan, various dishes like roast of fat fowl, partridge, titar (fowl), leafy vegetables (sag) and curries were laid. Farid Bhakkari also mentions that regarding this dinner Akbar said that ‘in India there is no feast more honourable and more elaborate than this.’


Daily Cuisine of Mughals

From Zakhiratul Khwanin we also come to know of the daily cuisine of the nobles. For Example  Farid Bhakkari mentions the food consumed by Nawwab Islam Khan Fathpuri, foster brother of Jahangir and governor of Orissa and Bengal, who took millet(jowar and bajra) bread, vegetables or spinach (sag) and dry rice (bhat) of the variety called sathi. Mention of food consumption by Mahabat Khan, an important noble under Jahangir and Shah Jahan, shows how elaborate the daily meals of nobles were. Mahabat Khan’s one-time meal consisted of two trays of pulao (fried rice cooked with meat), two trays of khishka (fried rice) made of  kamod rice, thirteen seers of melted butter, two trays of rice-khichri and two trays of millet-khichri  and a seer and a half sugar and a dish of meat, spinach (sag) and vegetable curry (salan). One very interesting observation that comes up from reading the text is that khichri figured as an important element in Mughal eating habit. We find a number of examples in the text, one of them being the khichri that was cooked the entire day in Abul Fazl’s establishment during the Deccan Expedition. Among the common dishes mentioned by Farid Bhakkari we also find reference to dal, for which hing was used as a frying condiment.


Pan, Wine and Opium

In addition it appears that certain edibles formed an important part of Mughal cultural life; a number of references in Zakhiratul Khwanin are made to pan, wine and opium consumption which must have become symbols of high cultural life of Mughal society. Itiqad Khan Mirza Shahpur, son of Itimadud-Daula, who was considered a person of the most refined taste in India, had a liking of pan and Farid Bhakkari informs that for him kangiri pan were sent from Burhanpur. Pan as an important element of eating habit of Mughal nobles is also reflected in the incidence where Raja Man Singh proposed paying the Muslim nobles money equivalent to a pan-leaf every day as a compensation for him not being able to dine with them due to his caste. Thus pan appears an important element of consumption by the nobility. There are also a number of references to wine drinking by nobles in Zakhiratul Khwanin, Farid Bhakkari mentions the tempting wine parties of Nawwab Mirza Ghazi Baig Tarkhan, a noble of Jahangir. According to Shaikh Farid these parties were held in such a way that if a hundred year old ascetic would have passed by, even he would have forsaken prayer and fast to join this assembly. From the account of nobles mentioned by Farid Bhakkari it appears that Mughal Emperor had elaborate arrangements for wine drinking, with certain timings fixed for it. Wine and wine drinking also appear to have ceremonial significance, Khan Jahan Lodi was offered the cup of Ram-rangi wine by Jahangir before any other grandees, this, Shaikh Farid informs us, was an expression of the favours enjoyed by Khan Jahan Lodi.

Another element which we find considerable mention of in Zakhiratul Khwanin, is opium. Quite a few nobles are mentioned to be addicted to this intoxicant. Examples of this can be  Mirza Ali, an important noble of Akbar, who was addicted to opium and Safdar Khan who was sent as an envoy to the King of  Iran during Shah Jahan’s reign, was offered poppy fruit by Shah Safi, and eventually formed a habit of taking opium.


These references to not only the daily food habits of Mughal nobility but to the food served during feasts and the intoxicating edibles like opium and wine help us develop an idea of how the life of the Mughals were in context of food and hunger. The preference given to khichri by Mughals and their love for wine are points of interest.

Charcoal Burning or Gas Burning BBQ Grills – What’s the Better Option?

One of the childhood memories of almost all American kids is having seen their dads struggle with a wide variety of BBQ grills in pursuit of the best steaks and patties. However, watching their fathers repeating the ritual of painfully starting the charcoal fire with the help of lighter fluid was just too hectic for today’s generation.


Charcoal Burning or Gas Burning BBQ Grills - What’s the Better Option?

Charcoal Burning or Gas Burning BBQ Grills – What’s the Better Option?

Looking back, not many Americans would have thought that one day, they would have the liberty of making the best steaks, juicy patties and honey glazed wings within a small amount of time. And who would have thought that the process would be so clean. Moreover, using the grill other than on weekends is an added benefit that comes with the latest models.

With newer grills, there is no waiting for the fire to be hot enough for you to get the grilling started. Additionally, you can even get another thing or two done in the meantime while tasty hamburgers are getting ready for you. So the question is; which is the best grill for grilling some meat for yourself?

People have different choices when it comes to grilling. Some prefer charcoal burning BBQ grills while others are fans of gas burning BBQ grills.

With charcoal burning BBQ grills, some people believe that there is a lot of cleaning involved after the process of cooking, while using these grills for cooking is a source of absolute delight for those who love staying old school. They like to get their hands dirty by handling pieces of charcoal and the very sight and texture of the charcoal pieces is an added flavor for them.

Moreover, the added flavor of the charcoal to the culinary delights is truly unique. Perhaps this is the smartest choice for people who particularly admire a strong smoky taste to their food. The downside quoted by some avid grillers is the fear of the charcoal running out of stock in the middle of the cooking.

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of using a gas burning BBQ grill. There can never be any shortage of fuel during the course of the cooking. These grills also take a shorter time to get the cooking done properly. To add a new dimension in terms of taste, you can always add wood chunks to get a smoky flavor.

But by far, the biggest determinant in choosing the right kind of grill for yourself is the kind of lifestyle you have. If you have a lot of time available on your hands, you may want to indulge in the exotic taste provided by charcoal burning BBQ grills. These grills also provide for better heat and a hotter fire that tenderizes the meat effectively.

No matter what kind of grill you opt for, modern technology has made it possible for you to enjoy different flavors and various levels of tenderization with less clean up time.

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The Benefits of a Wood Burning Grill

Grilling food on an open fire might not easy for everyone, but now, wood burning BBQ grills have made the task easier – not to mention safer, healthier and tastier. Outdoor cooking on a grill, such as a wood burning smoker, is very straightforward and full of fun. The grill does not require much experience to operate and is very easy to use. This provides an opportunity to your friends and family to gather around and not only enjoy the act of cooking, but also to partake in some of the most delicious meals one can come up with.


The Benefits of a Wood Burning Grill

The Benefits of a Wood Burning Grill

The Pros of Cooking on a Wood Fire Grill

If you are looking for some fantastic meals that can beat the ones produced by any good restaurant; then this is the best way to cook some meat for yourself.

The following benefits of wood burning BBQ grills make them stand out in the world of culinary delights.

Retaining the flavor

This is the best cited reason for the use of wood grills, by grill enthusiasts around the world. Using wood burning BBQ grills makes it easier for the food to retain its tasty flavors. There is also, no denying the fact that it is only real firewood smoke that can truly enhance the flavor of meat. For this reason, wood, such as almond or apple wood should be used. These choices of firewood will make your steaks and patties tingle your taste buds.

Keeping it natural

Using wood burning BBQ grills makes it easy for your food to stay close to the source from where it originated – Mother Nature. This is so because these types of grills do not rely on using chemicals which alter the chemistry of the food. These grills are also ideal for those meat lovers who want their heat source to remain 100% natural because this keeps the presence of the natural juices of the meat intact, making it moist and scrumptious.

More heat, better hygiene

The intense heat provided by wood burning smokers is great for the health of meat consumers, because heat kills all the bacteria that may be present on or in the meat. The heat of the grill not only cooks the meat to the core, it makes sure that the meat does not dry out and the quality of the steaks and patties remains high.

Fun filled experience

Overall, outdoor cooking becomes a fascinating experience by using these grills. It is the perfect way to round up some friends and family and have a great time together. The entire experience is very rewarding and helps to create priceless memories.

So if you are planning an outdoor party and thinking about inviting your friends over to your place, wait no further. Heritage Backyard has the best of wood burning smokers in California, Florida, New York and Texas. The quality and high standards of our wood burning BBQ grills is amazing.

The Best Monkfish Kebabs You’ll Ever Have

If you are looking for a BBQ recipe that is different, strikes a ten on taste and presentation and is the ideal food for the calorie conscious, then the following recipe is just right thing for you. The perfect blend of spice and exotic taste, this culinary delight is sure to make you the star of any show.


The Best Monkfish Kebabs You’ll Ever Have

The Best Monkfish Kebabs You’ll Ever Have

For beginners who are not familiar with this Middle Eastern and South Asian dish, Kebabs are made of pieces of meat, vegetables or fish. This may be grilled or prepared on a skewer. Either way, the recipe is a showstopper no matter what occasion it is. When prepared in a BBQ grill such as a wood burning smoker, wood burning BBQ grill, charcoal burning BBQ grill or gas burning BBQ grill, its taste is enhanced even further.

So prepare those ingredients as you are about to create one of the most relished dishes of the Ottomans and the Mongols.


The following quantity of ingredients will serve six people.

  • 100 g ciabatta
  • 600 g skinless monkfish fillets trimmed
  • 1 lemon
  • olive oil
  • sea salt
  • freshly ground black pepper

Method of preparation

  1. The first step is to place a set of 6 wooden skewers on a large sized roasting tray. Put cold water inside the tray and soak the skewers. This is important so that the skewers do not get burnt in the process of grilling.
  2. Using a chopping board, start slicing off all the sides of the ciabatta and then cut it in chunks measuring 2 cms. Put these in a large mixing bowl. Add a splash of boiling hot water and toss.
  3. Getting back to the chopping board again, slice the fish into chunks. These should be even sized so that they cook well. Also, these chunks should be the same size as that of the ciabatta.
  4. Time to wash your hands along with the cutting board and your cutting knife. Then take the lemon and cut it in six wedges.
  5. Remove the soaked skewers from the tray of cold water. Wipe the tray clean.
  6. Now divide the fish and the ciabatta equally between the skewers. Pushing them too close to each other will not let them cook properly. So make sure you keep them decently spaced apart.
  7. Thread out the lemon wedges and add one piece of fish after each wedge.
  8. Place all the skewers on the tray.
  9. Get your BBQ grill ready. Place the skewers on the grill; and cook each side for around 15 minutes.
  10. You may even cook the kebabs in different batches.
  11. Move the kebabs on a fresh platter when they are done. These can be served with plain white rice or pita bread.

The recipe has just 122.6% caloric count per piece. The total fat content of the kebabs is just 2.2 grams. With rich taste and fine texture, these monkfish kebabs are an excellent idea for any outdoor party.

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The Features That Make Argentine BBQ Grills Feasible

There are grilling enthusiasts all over the world who swear by the powers of the Argentine BBQ grills. So what makes these grills tick? What is the factor that makes these grills take the lead amongst a host of excellent competition by other kinds of technologically superb grills?

The Features That Make Argentine BBQ Grills Feasible

The Features That Make Argentine BBQ Grills Feasible

Read on to find out some of the fascinating features of the Argentine grills that makes them the hot favorite of the world’s best chefs.

The qualities of Argentine grills

Argentine grills have a flawless design that makes them deliver nothing but the absolute best when it comes to taste and quality. Whether you are cooking steaks, patties, wings or grilling fish, you can only expect mouth watering goodness from Argentine BBQ grills. This is so because these grills do not dry out the natural juices of the meat.

You may use red hot coals in the lovable old school way of the Argentine Asado to create the flavors of your choice. This is most frequently and most accurately so, termed as the mother of all barbecues. This is the place where meat is taken seriously and no compromise is made on the tenderness and goodness of the protein rich food source. Taking on a lighter note in a party of food-savvy adolescents, this can serve as the best way to have a fun-filled party.

The primary factor that makes this grill the first choice of ardent food cookers and lovers is the fact that the grill has the ideal height. This means that you can enjoy as much cooking as you want without giving yourself a backache. The slope V Grate cooking surface only adds pleasure to the process of cooking your favorite dishes.

In addition to facilitating the user, the adjustable height of the grill also provides adequate heat to the meat. This helps your steaks achieve the right level of doneness throughout the thickness before you may start enjoying them.

The best aspect of using Argentine BBQ grill for the calorie conscious people is that the V slope of the grill helps drain away all the fat from the meat.

Argentine grills utilize wood and charcoal to add heat to the fire. The use of propane is strictly out of question here. This is why the the flavors of the meat not only stay intact, but they become intensified with the help of natural elements. Overall, these grills result in the best culinary delights to tantalize your taste buds.

Although Argentine BBQ grills are deemed fit for cooking beef, you may enjoy fish, poultry and pork on this type of grill. You may also use a wide variety of spices to achieve the taste you cherish in your meat. The availability of storage options for all your spices in the grill will make you fall in love with them!

Cleaning up the grill is very convenient as well. This is the reason that you can enjoy cooking with this grill.

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Benefits of Hybrid Grills

It’s that time of the year again where we head out to look for barbeque grills that help turn our summer days into delicious brunches. Generally speaking, a grill may last anywhere from 5 to 7 years, or even more, depending on the usage, maintenance, and other factors. Given how different people make use of wood, charcoal, or gas burning BBQ grills for their barbeque setup, it is not a bad idea to have a hybrid grill that features all three options.

Hybrid grills are renowned for their powerful, professional grade design and functionality that easily allows you to switch from a gas grill to cooking with wood and charcoal. The Chameleon Hybrid Grill, now available at Backyard Heritage, is one of the best custom BBQ grills for your backyard for the price, that is not just lightweight, but highly durable as well.

Simple Yet Versatile

At a glance, it looks just like any other grill and that’s what the Chameleon is all about. You won’t really feel that there is much to it but once you get cooking, you can use gas, wood, and charcoal in any combination you like over the whole grill. It’s fairly easy to change fuels and its angled design allows you to diffuse heat from burners when you want to switch to gas-only cooking. To switch to traditional fire cooking, simply place the wood or charcoal in the hybrid drawer!

The Chameleon can deceive you with its simplistic looks and that’s what the manufacturers were going for with the unique design. It is available with various grate and base options. For instance, for the ultimate gaucho barbeque, choose the Argentine grate for the grill. Then there is the pizza oven, cart base, and cabinet base that can be used to take your barbeque cooking to the next level.

Durable and Practical

Why restrict yourself to a wood, charcoal, or gas grilling when you can enjoy using all three with the Chameleon Hybrid Grill? Weighing 350 pounds, it is one of the lightweight hybrids out there and its sturdy construction accounts for greater durability. It features a removable grill lid and 2 chimneys that allow smoke control. The hybrid grill is tested and certified by CSA, which means that the last thing you have to worry about is the grill or one or more of its parts not functioning properly.

The Chameleon is potentially the best hybrid barbeque grill that you can customize with various options. While it does cost you an upwards of $5,000, down the line, the hybrid grill will prove to be a worthwhile investment.

When it comes to authentic and highly functional grills, Backyard Heritage knows what people are looking for. If you want a grill that offers fast cooking similar to gas grills as well as the slow cooking from wood or charcoal burning BBQ grills, then the Chameleon is just what you need. Even on days when you’re not preparing steak or hamburgers, you can simply make delicious pizzas and more, with this versatile grill!

Barbeque and Greens – The Essence of Healthy Eating

It’s an irresistible temptation to avoid barbeques in the summers. Then again, you want to keep your health in check and while barbeques are loaded with essential proteins, we need fiber and some greens to make our barbeque full of exquisite flavor. Not just that, but vegetables help in digesting the meat and make you feel light even after having a grand steak.

Here, we have some amazing barbeque recipes with their vegetable sidekicks that will definitely leave a juicy, aromatic flavor in your mouth.

Note: All recipes are for servings of two, and are easily prepared between 25 to 45 minutes, depending on the level of grilling desired.

Texas Garlic Steak with Cucumber Salad

Ingredients For steak:

½ cup of balsamic vinegar

¼ cup of soy sauce

3 tbsp of minced garlic

2 tbsp of honey

2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

2 tsp of ground black pepper

1 tsp of Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp of onion mix

½ tsp of salt

1 pinch of cayenne pepper

2 rib-eye steaks

Ingredients For cucumber Salad:

2 large peeled, seeded, and sliced cucumbers

¼ tbsp of salt

¼ cup of white sugar

¼ cup of rice wine vinegar

1 seeded and chopped jalapeno peppers

2 tbsp of chopped cilantro

¼ cup of chopped peanuts


  • Mix vinegar, soy sauce, honey, garlic, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, onion mix, cayenne pepper, and salt in a bowl.
  • Marinade the steaks in a glass dish and rub liquid smoke onto the meat. Cover and marinate for 2 days.
  • Preheat your grill to medium high and lightly oil the grate. Grill the steaks for 7 minutes per side or as desired.
  • Toss cucumbers with salt and in colander and drank for 30 minutes. Whisk vinegar and sugar in a mixing bowl and toss with cucumbers, cilantro, and jalapeno. Sprinkle chopped peanuts and serve with steaks!

Flank Steak with Caprese Salad


1 diced tomatoes

4 ounces of fresh mozzarella

2 tbsp of chopped basil

1/2 clove of minced garlic

1/2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

2 flank steaks

½ clove of minced garlic

½ tbsp of olive oil

½ bag of butter lettuce mix

1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar

Salt and ground pepper to taste


  • Mix tomatoes in a bowl with basil, mozzarella, minced garlic, and 1/2 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Toss and refrigerate.
  • Preheat the grill to medium high and lightly grease the grate.
  • Place the steaks on the grill in a re-sealable bag and add garlic, ½ tablespoon of olive oil, salt, and pepper.
  • Cook the steak as desired, ideally 5 to 7 minutes per side. Remove the steaks and thinly slice along the grains after five minutes.
  • Divide the lettuce into two servings. Drizzle balsamic vinegar and remaining olive oil on the lettuce. Top the salad with tomato mixture and steak. Add mash potatoes as a side dish as needed.

The Griller’s Guide: Buying Charcoal Burning BBQ Grills Part 1

When it comes to great American BBQ grills, we have a variety of options. For instance, there are currently four types of BBQ grill setups available, namely charcoal burning BBQ grills, wood burning grill, gas grills, and hybrid grills that feature a combination of the former three. The reason why a large number of people are more inclined towards investing in charcoal BBQ grills is that they are fairly affordable than their gas counterparts, and produce more smoke. Since they produce more smoke; this results in better flavor of whatever you’re grilling.

What makes charcoal burning BBQ grills more practical for your regular barbeque needs is that they are much better in searing steaks than regular gas grills. Granted that gas grills are now available with small sear burners, but they are not as affordable as charcoal BBQ grills. This is a two-part blog that will guide you through the various piles of charcoal grills currently available to choose the best one based on your budget and cooking needs. Once you feel that you are confident in your decision making, that’s when you can start browsing our exclusive range of authentic BBQ grills.

Important Features

Before you start shopping, it is essential you do some reading on the features of charcoal burning BBQ grills. Discover the pros and cons of different types of BBQ grills before you make the actual decision. Also, try to understand the thermodynamics of cooking and how different types of heat will have a different impact on the food. This will also help you develop an understanding of how charcoal cooking works. Now let’s take a look at the important features that your charcoal BBQ grill should have:

  • Temperature Control – You can only be a good cook when you know the temperature in your grill and how to control it. In indoor settings, ovens can be set to a specific temperature and it will more or less stay close to that temperature. In outdoor settings however, temperature control will depend on the lid, dampers, the distance between the food and coal, the thermometers, and the practice.
  • Lid – A lid is fundamental in capturing heat, and the tighter the lid, the better your grill’s performance is.
  • Dampers – There should be two dampers for intake and exhaust in your charcoal grill. The intake damper is primarily used in controlling temperature as it allows oxygen to feed on the fire. The dampers should be tightly fitted to allow you to accurately feed off oxygen when you want to lower the temperature. The exhaust damper should be left wide open to allow gas and smoke to exhaust.
  • Adjustable – Any good charcoal grill should have the option to adjust the height between the coal and the food. Little do people know that this allows you to drop the temperature as the coals drop down too. For instance, when you’re cooking burgers, start off with low temperatures and slowly raise the coal to sear the surface for the smoky rich flavor.

Continue to Part 2

The Griller’s Guide: Buying Charcoal Burning BBQ Grills Part 2

Welcome to the second part of The Griller’s Guide which hopes to help you make better decisions when it comes to purchasing charcoal burning BBQ grills. The Griller’s Guide will be a mainstay in our blogs so make sure you catch up with the best and latest tips and recommendations that make you a better griller!

Important Features

  • Thermometers – Cooking without a digital thermometer is like sky jumping without a parachute. Dial thermometers were mainstream in the 1800s, so you definitely need a good digital thermometer that helps you realize the level of doneness in the meat without poking it to the point where it starts to break. It’s never a good thing when your guests get food-borne diseases. Thermometers are ideal for any type of grill, even more so in charcoal burning BBQ grills!
  • Dual Zone Cooking Capability – Probably the most important technique that you should learn as an outdoor cook is to create a 2-zone setup, also known as dual zone cooking. 2-zone setup allows you to move food off the flame into cooler areas to let it roast from indirect heat. In order to do this, you must be able to easily push the coal to one side. Hence, a good charcoal grill should be spacious enough to allow you to easily move the coal from side to side. If your grill does not allow you to enjoy dual zone cooking, then you are restricting yourself as a cook, and the taste of the food as a result too!
  • Charcoal Use – You should conveniently be able to add charcoal and move it around inside the grill. There is no point in buying a grill where it takes you minutes to only set up the coal. Ideally, buy a charcoal BBQ grill that has a door to add and move around charcoal. This will also help you in controlling the temperature inside the grill.
  • Ash Removal – A good ash removal system is as important as having dampers. As you may know, ash is an excellent insulator. Hence, when you can’t remove ash from your BBQ grill, it will only absorb the heat and reduce the grill performance over time. A good ash removal system typically features a detachable tray that can be easily cleaned and placed back.
  • Grates – Last but definitely not the least, grates have to be considered with equal importance as the other features in a practical charcoal grill. When it comes to grate, many people go with cast iron, which obviously is not the best choice, considering how it mistreats the meat’s surface and is a pain to maintain. Yes; you may have read hundred reviews on how good cast iron is but in practical and regular use, it doesn’t even come close. You should look for a grate that doesn’t affect the radiant heat and the airflow and does not darken parts of the meat.

Putting all these factors into perspective can help you buy the perfect grill that can go the distance with you and your BBQ escapades!

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