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Things to Consider When Designing a Home Theatre

Things to Consider When Designing a Home Theatre

Things to Consider When Designing a Home Theatre

Home theatres are increasingly becoming an essential part of homes. Being the hub of entertainment, designing the right ambiance of these lively spaces has become one of the most challenging tasks for interior designers. Modern interior designers are not only trying to make these spaces more functional, but also attempting to add uniqueness and style to home theatres to provide homeowners with the optimum movie experience.

If you are looking to create a cinematic experience in your home, it is important for you to know the basics of home theater designing. Here are few important things you need to consider when planning the décor of your home theatre.


Home theatre furniture including sofas, a TV console, and a media storage cabinet play a key role in setting the right mood and ambiance of your home theatre. However, your home theatre furniture should be stylish and elegant to not only complement the feel of the room, but also reflect your personal style and taste in the perfect manner.

You should choose the size, style, and design of the furniture considering the space you have, your budget, as well as your needs.

Size of the Room

The selection of furniture and furnishings primarily depends on the size of the room. If you have a large space to set up a home theatre, you can choose larger equipment to complement the area. However, if your room is smaller in size, it is better to choose compact equipment to avoid overcrowding in the area.


Colors help to control the reflections of light off the screen. However, choosing the right color theme is pertinent to improving the entertainment experience.

Mostly, interior designers prefer black ceilings with dark-colored coverings, and lighter floor. This not only offers optimal viewing, but also renders a darker theme to the room, thus giving an impression of a larger space.



Lighting and Furnishings

Lighting and furnishings can completely transform the mood and ambiance of the room. With the right balance of lighting, you can make your experience immersive and more enjoyable. Consider adding dimmable lighting fixtures so that you may manage the lighting of the room as per your needs.

In addition to this, position your lighting equipment such that the light does not fall directly on the screen. The furnishing must light up the room indirectly by giving out a reflection on the walls and the floor.

Audio Visual Equipment

Audio-visual equipment is the heart of the home theatre. However, consider investing a fair amount of money on audio visual devices.

You can either choose a television or a projector, depending on your budget, your needs, and the size of the space. Moreover, the selection of audio equipment should also depend upon the size of the space. If you have a small room, it is best to go for a small system rather than a larger one in order to avoid overpowering the room.

If you are looking for home theatre furniture, visit

Top 3 Recliners from Catnapper Furniture

Top 3 Recliners from Catnapper Furniture

Top 3 Recliners from Catnapper Furniture

Whether you want to relax in the privacy of your home by your lonesome self or catch a flick with all your friends, you need to have the right surroundings, the right atmosphere and the right seat so you can enjoy the experience to your heart’s content. Companies such as Catnapper Furniture are the best choice for all those who want to have the best furniture in their homes so that they can have the complete home theatre experience.

From their products, here are the top three recliners which are not only affordable but also perfect for every person and every home.

Geneva Leather Theatre Recliner

From their amazing Geneva Leather Theatre Collection, Catnapper has given a selection which will change the whole home theatre experience. Very comfortable, this recliner can not only be made with different configurations, but it also comes with unlimited seating options. Whether you want to opt for a manual or electric power recline, you can choose the recliner you want at an affordable price. The recliner is also fitted with special Valentino leather upholstery and stitched in a dramatic contrast style so that it adds to the value and beauty of the seating. Along with that, you will also have removable cup holders in each arm so you can sit back and sip your beer while you watch your favorite movie with gusto.

Perez Leather Rocker Recliner

The Perez Collection has a large array of recliners such as reclining sofas, loveseats, and console loveseats with storage and cup holders etc, but the most popular of the collection is the leather Rocker recliner. Available in colors such as chestnut, ice and steel, this recliner is fitted with a pub back design along with plush pillow top cushions and seating which features comfort-gel which provides the best comfort. This seating is also available in manual and power reclining options so you can get the perfect recliner for your comfort.

Pearson Chaise Rocker Recliner

This recliner is the one which all dads dream of. Available in colors such as coffee, linen, charcoal and mocha, this recliner is upholstered with soft chenille fabric which is not only durable but also very stylish. Designed as a chaise Pad Ottoman, this recliner also has a comfort coil seating system which means that it is fitted with comfort-gel memory foam which is long-lasting and provides support and comfort for all. As the star of the Pearson Collection by Catnapper furniture, this seat is available in both, manual and power reclining options. You don’t even have to worry about any mechanical noises since they only use the smoothest motor in the business.

Along with these, Catnapper Furniture has many other collections which cater to all tastes so if you’re in the mood to buy a love seat, theatre seating or a simple recliner, then you can’t go wrong with Catnapper.

Common Types of Entertainment Units

Common Types of Entertainment Units

Common Types of Entertainment Units

The living room, for most households, is the place where the entire family can sit and spend some quality time together. Often enough, the entertainment system is the focal point of a living room- it’s where they can watch movies together, reminisce while watching old home videos, or simply relax and enjoy their favorite TV show together. It is therefore important to choose the right piece of entertainment furniture and the information below is going to help you out in doing just that.

Home Theatre Entertainment Centers

These entertainment units are also known as wall units. They are typically large pieces of furniture that frame and hold the TV. Most entertainment centers contain cabinets, shelves, and drawers for storage of media components, DVDs, games, and more. They can be as long 72 inches in length, while the width varies from unit to unit. Available in a variety of styles and colors, entertainment centers a bit pricey due to their size.

TV Stands

TV stands, or consoles, are the simplest and most basic type of entertainment units. Commonly TV stands provide additional storage in form of drawers, shelves, or cabinets. TV stands can hold almost all sizes of TVs, or you always have the option to mount your flat screen to the wall behind your stand.

Media Chests and Armoires

They are compact and slender units that take up less floor space. In fact, these units utilize vertical space instead to hold the TV and store other accessories. TV armoires and media chests are best for small rooms. TV armoires often contain the TV in a cabinet with doors, concealing the TV when it is not being used. Media chests on the other hand, resemble tall dressers. They have shelves for convenient storage and access to media components.

Entertainment Fireplaces

Double utility and double duty, these entertainment units work as both a fireplace and TV stand. While the shelf above is perfect for a TV, the electric fireplace below adds warmth and elegance to the place. This entertainment unit is best for rooms without a mantel or fireplace, like the basement or a game room.

Special Units for Flat Screen Televisions

Flat screen televisions come with the added advantage of being mounted up on walls, saving you a lot of precious space – any TV stand placed below it would do. However, if you still wish for the look and feel of an entertainment unit, you can pick and entertainment center that allows you to mount the TV to it. In case you are looking for a smaller piece of furniture, a TV stand panel mounts for a flat screen would be ideal.

There is a lot to choose from when you go to the market, your only restrictions are availability of space and money. Nonetheless, it is always good to have a basic know how of what to expect from the market place and even better is to know exactly what it is that you need-whether it’s the home theatre entertainment center with extra storage or the compact, slender TV stand.

Types of Theater Seats

Types of Theater Seats

Types of Theater Seats

You might be watching the greatest show on earth, but all of it could be completely ruined if you are simply not comfortable enough to enjoy it. A majority of the people feel that way, because the seats they are placed in are far from comfortable. In most cases, nothing can be done about it. Different environments and settings have their own specific seating requirements. The size and spacing of the seats also affect the types of shows that are being performed. Because of this, the type of theater seating depends solely on the theater you find yourself in.

·        Acoustic Theater Seats

You will notice that in most concert halls and orchestra halls, the seats are also small with a small back and no headboard. This is done because the larger seats seriously hinder the affects of the acoustics. Orchestras are specially affected by it. The design of the acoustic theater seats is designed and confirmed during the architectural design phase of the concert/orchestra hall. These types of seats are generally not considered very comfortable. But the shape of the seats and their spacing ensure that you get to experience sound like nothing you’ve heard before.

·        Small Drama Theater Seats

Small drama theaters usually accommodate anywhere from fifty to three people. The seats in these types of theaters are usually packed tightly together to utilize space. But at the same time their placement plays a very important role because the audience needs to be able to view the show from every angle. Small drama theater seats are also low and without a headboard. And in most cases they are either very lightly padded or not padded at all.

·        Large Drama Theater Seats

Though the size of the small and large drama theater seats doesn’t vary much, in this case, comfort is given a little precedence. This is because the audience is in for the long haul and needs to be able to sit for a very long time without tiring out their muscles. Large drama theater seats also have thin arms to give them ample spacing.

·        Movie Theater Seats

Movie theater seating is regarded far and wide as the most comfortable type of theater seats. Comfort plays a very large role in these types of seats. Movie theater seats are large, thick armed, and thickly padded. Movie goers dig into these seats and enjoy the show. Movie theaters rely on projectors and sound system to produce the show. Unlike other theaters, there is no live performance and no fear of the acoustics going haywire. That is why the size and the spacing of the seats doesn’t really matter.

To enjoy the comfort of movie theater seats, you don’t necessarily have to go to a movie theater. You can buy these seats and place them in your living room or in your very own home theater room. To avail numerous theater seating options, you can visit Home Cinema Theater, the best place for home furniture and so much more.

Why Look For Built-In Home Theater Entertainment Centers When Setting Up Your Home Theatre

Why Look For Built-In Home Theater Entertainment Centers When Setting Up Your Home Theatre

Why Look For Built-In Home Theater Entertainment Centers When Setting Up Your Home Theatre

Setting up a home theatre entertainment center requires you to conduct thorough research on the screens, sound system, and furniture that you’re going to install. It has its benefits and turns your home into a unique cinema that you have built out of passion. You can enjoy your favorite movies in the comfort of your home, munching on unlimited popcorns and drinks. However, instead of installing the system on your living room wall or keeping it separately, place everything together in a built-in home theatre entertainment center – here’s why:

They Provides Breathing Space

A built-in home entertainment center is the best option when it comes to installing your entertainment center. First, it keeps all your devices in one place and avoids making them strewn all over the place. You don’t have the television in front, the speakers in corners and your DVDs in different parts of the room. With all your entertainment devices in one place, access is easer in case anything goes wrong and needs fixing; it’s also easier to clean. When setting up your speakers, it’s very important to not place them in a closed cabinet in order to avoid muffling their output. Entertainment center units ensure there is open space for speakers and space for wiring as well.

They Provides Ample Storage

A built-in entertainment center unit provides ample storage to stock your entertainment devices and peripherals. You have a fixed place to mount your screen, the speakers, and to stock all your DVDs neatly in one place. A number of different drawers allow you even more storage options.

They’re Stylish

Quite stylish and made from fine high quality materials, today’s built-in home entertainment centers complement the entire setting of your living room very well. You can choose it in a color and shade that matches your living room carpet or walls giving you an edge to stylize it, as you want. This also gives you the opportunity to set up your theatre system in different color tones that are in contrast or matching allowing you to use your creative freedom when it comes to setting up your entertainment room.

Your home theater entertainment center may be a once in a lifetime set up that you will invest in. It’s important that you search for the best products and the best unit that fits your space and needs. After all, it’s not every day you plan to set up an entertainment room in your own home, and once you do, it should give you the best experience, similar to one which you get in a cinema, because then, every day and every night can be a movie day and night with unlimited movies to watch.

Things to Avoid While Buying Theater Seats

Things to Avoid While Buying  Theater Seats

Things to Avoid While Buying
Theater Seats

Home theater rooms are trending nowadays and their popularity is spreading far and wide. You no longer have to be uber-rich to afford a home theatre room, nor do you have to spend a ridiculous amount of money to have it furnished. You can set up a specific budget and make sure that everything lands within it. One way to make ensure that it happens is to buy things that offer you quality and durability. The home theater room can be utilized by you and your family. Not to mentions your friends in case of parties or specific viewings. That is why you should only get things that will be able to accommodate all your needs without setting you back financially. One of the key areas where people often make mistakes is the purchase of the theater seating. If you want to avoid those mistakes, then pay close attention to everything below.

·        Don’t Go Over or Under Board

One of the most common mistake people make is thinking that just because something is extremely expensive, it will turn out to be just as good. As it happens, that doesn’t turn out to be the case most of the times. You might end up buying the most expensive set of theater seats available, and yet if it doesn’t offer you the features you are in need of, then it was money wasted. Focus on the quality of the product and the features it offers. Don’t be awed by just the exterior because otherwise you might end up spending a lot of cash.

Likewise, you shouldn’t skimp on the theater seating as well. Seeking comfort and durability should be your two main goals. If you buy something cheap right now, then chances are that it won’t last very long. This will prompt you to buy the theater seats again, thus making you spend even more money.

·        Buying the Wrong Seat

Most people often confuse theater seats with other slightly similar looking house hold furniture. The other type of furniture might be very stiff and devoid of any extra feature. Home theater seats are designed for comfort and convenience above anything else. There is a chance that the other type of furniture might offer you a little of the same, but the obvious difference will always remain. That is why you should thoroughly research the seats before making your final purchase.

·        Cramming the Seats in the Room

Another mistake people tend to make is buying the theater seats without taking in consideration the dimensions of the room. And to solve the problem, they often end up cramming the seats to make them fit. Doing this might end up damaging your furniture. This will also make the theater room extremely stuffy, which will in turn completely destroy the comfort level and the ambience.

Avoiding these mistakes will not only help you to pick the right theater, but it might even end up saving you a little money. To purchase theater seating at amazingly affordable rates, visit Home Cinema Center at your earliest convenience.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating a Home Theater Room

The Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating a Home Theater Room

The Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating a Home Theater Room

Your home theater room can easily become the epicenter of your entertainment. You can have parties there, enjoy time with your significant other or a nice date, you can have fun with your entire family and so much more. But the decoration of the room plays a crucial part in this. You need to have a specific theme in mind and you should also keep in mind the needs of the people who will be frequenting it. To help you make the right choices for the decoration of the room, here is a list of things you should and shouldn’t do.


Don’t choose a random room, throw a few seats with an entertainment system and start calling it a home theater room.


Choose a specific room and have it insulated, sound proofed, properly wired and properly spaced. If you want the genuine theater experience then you might as well do it right.


Don’t cram the room with a lot of furniture and that includes the seating. You shouldn’t use living room chairs or lawn chairs for the theater room. Not only will they take something away from the home theatre experience, but they are also super uncomfortable.


Theater seating is the biggest key feature of the theater. With properly purchased theatre seating, you can recreate the experience of actually being in a cinema. They are also very comfortable, meaning that you can spend hours upon hours watching your favorite movies and shows without hurting your muscles.


Big light fixtures should be seriously reconsidered. Objects like chandeliers might look nice and classy in the living room, but in a theater, not only will they overpower everything, but will also seriously hinder the quality of the video.


The projector light is going to be really bright as it is. You seriously don’t need anything to add to it. But lighting is important before and after the show when you take a seat and move around. Consider small light fixtures and have them installed on the opposite walls. You can get special bulbs that do not hurt the eyes. Make sure the fixtures face upwards so that the ambience around becomes soft and calming.


Avoid bright and loud colors on the walls. While they might look nice in some setting, they are highly inappropriate for a home theater room. This is because the bright and loud colors will constantly clash with the lighting projected from the video and because of that your viewing experience will be affected.


Think really dark colors for the walls. Not completely black, mind you. Consider a darker shade of your favorite color, or a color that will go well with your theater seating.

With the right choices, you can have a theater room you would be proud to show off and spend most of your time in. To buy home theater furniture, like theater seats, entertainment centers and so much more, you can visit Home Cinema Center for high quality products available at amazing rates.

Requirements of a Home Theater Room

More and more people are opting to create a theater in the vicinity of their own home. But most of them just stick a large TV on the wall and call it a day. A proper home theater room requires certain things to ensure that the audience gets the authentic theater experience every time they step into the room. Want to know what they are? Keep on reading.

Choose the Right Room

Don’t choose the room that is right next to the bedroom or the living room. Any room that gets a regular traffic of people should be reconsidered. Dimensionally, the room should be at least 12 by 12 feet. This size ought to be able to entertain four to six people. But if you wish to entertain a bigger audience then you might want to get a bigger room.


Movies have loud and explosive sounds sometimes. With the proper sound system, your house would rock its very core every time something explodes on the screen. That is why you need to pay close attention to insulation when the frame for the room is built. You need to insulate the floor, the ceiling, and the walls. But if you want a completely sound proof room, then you want to look at effective sound barriers.


Taking care of pre-wiring before the walls are all set up will save you a lot of hassle later on.

When you buy a home theater system, make a notation of the number and size of the speaker. Make sure that the speakers have ample space during the design phase. Select a specific space for the hub of the system to hide all the wires.

You can’t have an authentic looking home theater system with a very large screen. And for that you need a really nice video projector. The most important wire you need for the projector is HDMI. So make sure that the slots are all set up.

And lastly, pre-wiring for the wire. This has to be done with the design of the room in mind. You have to know exactly where the equipment will be placed and the plan of the seating arrangement. Use soft lights for this because harsh lights will take away from the experience of a home theater.

Sound Proofing

As mentioned before, insulation will reduce the noise level but not completely dampen it. For that you need to consider effective sound proofing material. You need to be careful when you dry the room, because otherwise the slots for the wiring might be covered up as well. But at the same time, you could talk to your contractor and ask them to recommend something for sound proofing.

Equipment Installation

This process involves everything from installing the sound and the projection system to the lights over hanging. Test everything as you install and make the required adjustments.

Home Theater Seats

Finally, you need to purchase home theater seats. Theater seating is probably the most important component of the entire room. That is because you will be spending the majority of your time on those seats. You can easily find theater seats in all shapes, sizes, and colors to fit into the decoration of your room.

For extensive theater seating options, you can check out

Requirements of a Home Theater Room

Requirements of a Home Theater Room

where you will find everything from genuine theater seats to home furniture and so, so much more. For further information, visit

Prepare for the Ultimate Romantic Movie Night

Prepare for the Ultimate Romantic Movie Night

Prepare for the Ultimate Romantic Movie Night

If you feel like your love life might be becoming a bit stale, it’s probably because you’re too busy to give the time of day to your partner. Life becomes busy once you grow up, and although you feel like the best thing in the world would be to just come home after a day of work, burrow in your blanket and fall asleep, you can’t live your whole life this way, which is why you need to look for some help.

Far from going to a couples’ counselor, the best thing a person can do to show the other person they care, is to let them know that you notice the little things. Make a plan and choose the movie they love the most and start planning your ultimate romantic movie night.

Where should you sit?

Although you might think that buying a recliner is not the most romantic thing in the world, you can’t sit on just one seat or on the sofa and enjoy the movie. Take a chance and get your partner their own recliner. You need to concentrate on comfort and since your partner will have their own seat, not only will they feel the most relaxed, but they will also count it as a gift which is unique and unusual.

You can’t always win with flowers and chocolate, and getting a practical gift makes more sense and will show that you actually put some thought into your actions. Companies, such as Catnapper Furniture, manufacture a large variety of recliners, and whether you just want to get one or a couple’s set, you can’t get any better than this.

How should you watch?

A small TV is no fun, and if you want to get the most out of your movie night, then opt for a better entertainment center. Entertainment centers are very economical and affordable. Not only do they help you become organized, but they will also give your home some finesse. While a TV stand might seem like the basic choice, going for a home entertainment center will help you make more of a splash; just make sure that you make the choice for a home entertainment system together so that your partner has a say in what goes into the house.

What should you spend?

Furniture can be expensive, but companies such as Catnapper Furniture and others strive to provide only the most affordable rates. Not everyone can buy whatever they want at the drop of a hat, so even when you do decide to buy something for your partner and home, decide on the basis of your bank account. It is also always best to set a limit so you don’t cross it. Shopping can be addicting, so you don’t want to spend too much and then regret it later.

So if you want to rekindle the flames, the best way is to do it by considering what the other person wants, and by doing so, you will be starting a tradition of having romantic movie nights which will surely give you something to look forward to.


Mistakes to Avoid in Setting up a Home Theater Entertainment Center

Mistakes to Avoid in Setting up a Home Theater Entertainment Centre

Mistakes to Avoid in Setting up a Home Theater Entertainment Centre

Setting up a home theater entertainment center is nearly everyone’s dream. Whether they watch television occasionally or regularly, people always wish to upgrade their conventional TV into a home theater system. However, if you look up an image search result of a home theater system, you’d probably stare in awe at those big wide screens and go into your fantasy of having one. But you come out of your reverie when you think of your small room which cannot accommodate such a huge system.

This is certainly not true. You can have a home theater system within a small confined room just as well as a big one. This is because there are different sizes that are available which makes the home theater work in any area. However, why most theater entertainment centers don’t work in a confined space is because of the arrangement of the theater system. But you only need to keep certain things in mind in order to make it a success, regardless of whether your setting is big or small:

Fix the Television Screen in the Right place

Fixing a TV screen too high does not only strain your eyes but also makes you realize how small your room is. In order to completely enjoy the display, fix your TV 3-5 ft off the floor. An easier way is to match the height of the television with your home theater seating. This will make your display parallel to your eyes, allowing you to watch TV for longer.

Never Place Speakers in Enclosed Spaces

Speakers are an essential part of a home theater entertainment center Mostly, when there is lesser space, people keep the speakers in a covered place, such as a cupboard. A speaker and woofers placed within a cabinet do not perform as well as they do, out in the open. Never suffocate your speakers or they won’t give you the sound that you expect. The output becomes muffled with sound staging issues i.e. the sound will not be projected in the direction that it should go.

Don’t Get Surround Sound If the Space Is Limited

People assume that a home theater system is incomplete without a full-surround sound system. However, if you aim for a surround sound system installation in a confined space, then the speakers will probably be connected to the system with wires going around furniture and under the carpet. Even if you install the wires in the wall, a small room can often be overpowered by a boom of your speakers. An open space is best if you want maximum output from your speaker system.

Don’t Forget Surge Protectors

When you are installing a home theater entertainment center for the first time, you might forget one small but important detail. If you are have a television, subwoofer, receiver, game console, and Blu-Ray player, then you must have at least five outlets, which is normally not possible. Alternatively, you may plug the cords into the same outlet but not without a surge protector.

A surge protector from a well-known company with a warranty will provide your outlets with safety and keep your system alive. Even if there is a damage caused by a power surge, then the company will bear the cost of all the damages done to the electronic equipment, particularly if you have followed their safety and usage instructions to the letter.

Upgrading your theater system is a wish but maintaining the system is a choice. You can always better your experience of a home theater entertainment center by giving attention to it and keeping it in proper working condition.

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