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5 Things Your Professional Photographer For Holiday Cards Wants You To Know!

It’s that time of the year again when families enthusiastically come together for a holiday card picture and just like any other photograph, on any other occasion; you want this to be perfect as well. With Christmas Bells in the air and the general festive atmosphere encapsulating everyone, it’s a time for relatives to come together, celebrate and relax.


5 Things Your Professional Photographer For Holiday Cards Wants You To Know!

5 Things Your Professional Photographer For Holiday Cards Wants You To Know!

If you want your holiday card photography to be perfect this merry season, here are 5 tips from my first hand experience that I want you to concentrate on for the best pictures:

1.     Dress Up

Whether your family members are minimalist or not, dress up for the pictures. If you don’t feel good, it will show in your pictures as well and your photographer won’t be able to capture your best shots. If possible, color co-ordinate your clothes. This doesn’t mean everyone wears the same colors but at least wear contrasts that blend nicely in the image. Avoid wearing patterns or something too flashy.

2.     Discuss What You Want

As a family, you may have an idea of what you want your picture to look like and it’s really important to discuss that with your photographer. Your professional photographer for holiday cards will have a mind of their own with great ideas to help make your pictures look good but it may be something different than what you were looking forward to. Discussing your ideas will help them accommodate to it accordingly and produce the best possible results.

3.     Indoors or Outdoors?

While your home sets the perfect stage for a good family holiday picture, the outdoors isn’t so bad either. You could look as good in your well decorated living room as you could outside in the sunlight amid Christmas decorations. However, it is for you to decide and that decision should be carefully made prior to the session.

4.     Relax, it is Just a Photo!

While some people can become stiff and worry too much about looking good, you should simply relax and be yourself. It’s just a picture after all and stressing about it won’t do you any good. At best, it is advised that you allow your photographer to take candid shots and everyone should interact in a way that there’s no stiffness in the environment.

5.     Add Some Props

Working with props is exciting and helps add flair to the photographs. Also, when you have something to hold on to, your mind is diverted and the pictures come out more natural. Whether it’s a family photo album, an heirloom, festive holiday hats or some of the more conventional props, you can discuss your options with your photographer to add some fun into your holiday photographs.

At the end of the day, your professional photographer for holiday cards helps to not only take beautiful pictures but works with you in a collaborated way that allows you to discuss your ideas for the photographs. To book your holiday card photographer for professional pictures, call at 434.214.0382 or write to

What to Wear For Your Portrait Shoot

What you wear for your portrait shoot is important. Although it can make or break your portrait, but most of the times, people tend to forget that. Your Charlottesville portrait photographer can take great shots in which you appear good but if you made a poor choice of clothes, it can really affect your overall portrait. For the best results, it does help to dress up nicely so that you look your best. Wearing the wrong color or pattern can draw attention away from your face and make you look silly. Here are the most important considerations on dressing up for your portrait shoot:



Choose a Flattering, Solid Color

The color you wear can help you stand out or blend in with your portrait and choosing the right color of your shirt or blouse is very important. You don’t want to experiment with a new color at this point. You must already know which color looks good on you and that is the one to go with. Choose a solid color in a mute tone that looks flattering with your skin tone.

Choose a Carefully Selected Outfit

You want to look good but you know what? You can’t look as good in a sweater and jeans as you can in a blouse and skirt in your portrait. The same idea goes for men. Try to dress up at least semi-formally so that your portrait makes a good impression. Ladies – choose a top whose sleeves cover till your elbows and pair it with a knee length skirt. Men – you should opt for long pants and a formal or semi-formal shirt. Also, choose your socks right and don’t forget a nice pair of shoes.

Wear Minimal Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, women should keep it to a minimal. Only wear small earrings and a delicate necklace, anything more than that is overdoing it. Also, most people forget to do their hair when they come for a portrait shoot, but it does really help improve the overall result if your hair looks proper and you have applied light makeup. For men, again, it doesn’t hurt to style your hair as it only adds to your personality.

Color Coordinate

If you’re going for a portrait shoot with your family or partner, color coordinate your clothes. This is because you don’t want any one person to stand out or take attention away from the others. Also, color coordinated portraits enhance the overall photograph as well.

Nothing looks better than thoughtfully chosen clothes that flatter your image, don’t take attention away from your face and help you enjoy your portrait shoot. When you walk in without any idea whatsoever of what to wear, it can be a disaster for both yourself and your Charlottesville portrait photographer. Make sure you make the most of the session you book and in case of any specific needs or confusion, talk to your photographer beforehand. For enquiries and booking, dial 434.214.0382.

Top 5 Tips for flattering photos

Looking for tips to take better photos? Well you’ll find some of the most valuable ones here. These only cover the basics but we recommend that you invest in some photography books because they are more likely to give you more advice and show you the ropes. For now, start with the first tip and break the rules.


Top 5 Tips for flattering photos

Top 5 Tips for flattering photos

ü Break the Rules

Rule of the thirds implies that the subject can be on the either of the frame but never in middle. Though it does make for a good pose there are no strict rules in photography. If you think that a photo will look good with the subject in middle then go for it. Let there be no boundaries to stop you from taking your perfect shot. You’ll be surprised to see that the most striking photos come from bending or breaking the rules.

ü Eye contact

Have the subject make eye contact with the camera while holding the camera at their eye level. This simple trick can make the subject seem more alive and will get you an engaging photo. But there are other things you can try to make the shot more alluring. The ‘off camera look’ has the subject focusing on something outside the frame. Any emotion from the subject will intrigue the viewer as to what is making the subject look surprised or sad. Another great idea is to have the subject focus on something within the frame of the camera. If there are two subjects, let them face each other or just a glance. This will create a story or relationship between the two subjects and a second point of interest for the viewer

ü Watch the light

Morning and the time before the sunset is the best time to take photos. The orangey glow makes the subject look better, unlike the midday sun that makes any imperfections on the skin stand out. The light is softer which makes the colors stand out. There are numerous ways you can use lightening to your benefit. Side lightening or backlighting obscures the subject but makes their frame more prominent. Silhouetting also hides your subject’s feature that looks extremely attractive. Use flash even during the day. This forced extra light will fill in the shadows of the midday sun.

ü Use Props

Right props can enhance the shot and give it more meaning. Focus might shift from the subject, but the prop will add a depth to them. The prop can be something personal or anything that might add fun to the shot. Personal props make the best kind of props, the hidden meaning is only evident to the subject but the right photographer can make the viewer also feel its importance. Make the shots timeless so that they might not seem outdated on the mantelpiece 10 years from now like a chair in the middle of anywhere makes for a very good shot.

ü Be mindful of Limbs

Arms straight down the sides makes arms look larger and gives a dull look. The static appearance doesn’t add much to the photo so it’s better to position arms in a way that shows movement. Similarly, when the subject is sitting and their legs is showing, show more fluidity in the pose. With male subjects, be careful of poses that might seem feminine.

If your photos don’t turn out so well, don’t worry. The flattering photos will come with some experience, so keep up the practice until then. Also check out for some great photos. Keep clicking!

5 Ways to prepare for a Headshot

These photo sessions can be scary and exciting at the same moment. A thousand questions bug you and the preparations are endless. These nerve wrecking thoughts might take as toll on you so stop stressing over it. Just follow the 5 tips given below and you’ll definitely rock the photo shoot.


5 Ways to prepare for a Headshot

5 Ways to prepare for a Headshot


1.     Skin

You’d want to have a glowing and radiant face for the headshots, for which you’ll have to prepare your skin. Get a smoother and clearer skin by drinking plenty of water during the week before your headshot photo shoot. Avoid salty or fried food and also sun exposure, as they bloat the skin and that is something a good photo shoot cannot afford. Incorporate healthy food in your diet, preferably for everyday of the year, but especially for the week prior to the photo shoot. Get plenty of sleep and take special care of your skin. Opt for cleansing facials and soothing masks that will relax and add shine to your face. Do remember to get all this done the week before your photo shoot in case your skin gets a reaction from any of the treatments.

2.     Hair

Your hair must look perfect for the session so get a new haircut or hairstyle. But freshly cut hair looks strange for the next week or two so do get your hair done about a fortnight before the photo shoot. Remember to get a style that highlights the curves and features of your face.

3.     Facial Hair

Get that extra facial hair off your face and spend on some waxing or threading services. The skin might get irritated after plucking or bleaching so get it done way before the session, if you don’t want a bloated face for the shoot.

4.     Teeth

Avoid foods and drinks that might stain your teeth, but if they are yellowed or stained it’s better to get a professionally whitening treatment. They might be costly so if you don’t want to invest in them, your photographer can easily remedy the problem. There’s nothing good old Photoshop can’t handle.

5.     The right expression

You need to be aware of the feeling that has to be captured. You don’t just have to feel the emotion, it must be expressed and since you can’t do it with words, you’ll have to make up for it with your expressions and eyes. Since this is a professional headshot, go for a relaxed look with a subtle smile. You can also opt for a more sober look if you feel comfortable with it.

Timing holds the key to a perfect shot. So don’t stress out while the photo shoots. Get enough sleep and allow yourself plenty of time to relax at the studio and get comfortable with the photographer. You may find many photographers who boast of being the best but only select the ones who have a different perspective of the world around them. And Melody Robbins is one such photographer. Her work has received widespread recognition and her passion for photography has served as her profession for over 18 years. So check out for contact details and relish your special moments forever. And do remember to update your images on the social media once you are done with the session. This would enable others to get an honest depiction of your current looks. These headshots can make great professional images too. So book a session now!

Planning To Book a Portrait Shoot-How to Make the Best of It

Whether it is your personal portrait session that you are planning to book or a family, the first time is always scary. Clients are skeptical about how to look, act and what to do, which is okay. So for your guidance, below is a quick guide on how you should prepare for your first portrait shoot with a Charlottesville portrait photographer:

Know What You’ll Wear

Getting a portrait done might seem like an easy task in spite of the nervousness you feel; after all, you just have to show up on your appointment and do as the photographer tells you. However, being mindful about what you are going to wear is going to help you get the best portraits and that will be determined by the intent of your portrait shoot. Spend some time thinking or discussing your likely clothes options for your portraits because after all, you need to be happy with the end result. Make sure your clothes are dry cleaned and if necessary bring an extra outfit for your kids if they tend to mess easily.

Know How You Will Style Up

How you style up and appear will become memories of the day that your shoot took place. Years later, it will be a reflection of the person you once were, so make sure it is well worth for you to display in your home. For women, consider getting an appointment to get your hair and make up done and men should most definitely look sharp with a clean shave and trimmed hair.

Consider Using Props

Props can change the dimension of your photographs and help them look more lively and vibrant. Work along with your photographer to dig up ways to best capture your portrait. It all depends again on the intent of your portrait shoot, but if it is a casual one to etch your image in frame there are just so many props you can use to reflect on the kind of person you are. For example, if you like to read, add your favorite book in the frame.

Communicate Your Thoughts

When you are well prepared in advance for your portrait shoot with the best portrait photographer in Charlottesville, that’s half the work done; however, you should know that getting in front of the camera can be really nerve wrecking for some people. Photographers try their best to make clients calm and relaxed but make sure you’re speaking your mind with them as well. If you don’t like certain poses, speak up and communicate to let them know what might work best for you.

Melody Robbins Photography is an award winning photography studio helping clients capture their best portraits for over 18 years. We specialize in many areas of photography including weddings, events, portraits, architecture, and commercial. To schedule an appointment call us at 434.214.0382

Tips for Couples to Get the Best Wedding Photos

Weddings are a big deal and after everything is said and done, all you are left with are beautiful wedding photos to reminisce about the big day. They serve as a great reminder for all that you stood up for and vowed to do. For couples it is important to get them right and with the help of a professional Charlottesville wedding photographer you can!

However, it helps knowing how you can work along with your photographer to make sure your photos are the best of the best. Below are some tips for couples to make sure nothing goes out of line:

Discuss What You Want

Even the best photographer in Charlottesville can’t know your idea of a great wedding photograph. Although this might sound like really basic advice, it’s the most important. Most couples, especially today have a clear idea of how they want their wedding photographs to look. If this is you, make sure you discuss all your options with the photographer so that they are well prepared to capture your precious moments in the essence that you desire.

Create a Mix of Candid and Non Candid Shots

Candid photography is the best to capture those fleeting moments of happiness but don’t rely on one type of photography style. Today, wedding photography has expanded beyond just the typical bride and groom shots and group photos, but those should be a part of your album as well because they capture all your close friends and family in picture perfect memories to cherish.

Try to have a mix of candid and non-candid shots of your wedding. You can also choose to include some behind the scenes wedding photos, while the preparations are still on, but remember to discuss that with your photographer beforehand and invite them early.

Keep Your Cool

While it’s your big day and you may be feeling nervous with things not going your way, you should remember to keep your cool. Whether you have your shoot planned with props or not, just remember to work along with the photographer to make the best use of your surroundings.

A good advice for couples for the best wedding photographs is that you should almost forget you have hired someone to snap photos. The more carefree, natural, and relaxed you will remain during your wedding the better your photographers will turn out to be. This is important to remind couples because at the last minute, many things can go haywire at a wedding and fretting won’t do you any good. So just relax and enjoy the moment! Accept it for what it is. You can relive the day again when it’s all said and done while going through your wedding photos.

End Note

The best Charlottesville wedding photographers always know their gig, but it’s enjoyable to work with clients who know what they want and are willing to go the extra mile to work alongside the photographer for the best wedding pictures. We are professional and qualified wedding photographers in Charlottesville with many awards under our name including the Wedding Industry Experts Awards 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015, and the Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Awards 2014 and 2015. Set up a meeting with Melody today by calling 434.214.0382.

Tips for Perfect Family Portraits-Because Your Family Is Worth It

Getting a professional family shoot done can be difficult especially when you have little children. Even with older children, it isn’t necessarily easy because opinions clash. However, getting your family portraits done from a Charlottesville summertime family photography professional can be a treat, because they become memories for coming generations to cherish. Here are some tips for those perfect family pictures that you can hang on your wall for everyone to admire:

Schedule at the Best Time

Scheduling your family shoot at the best time when the weather is pleasant or mildly sunny is very important. Outdoor pictures are a great option as photographers have a wide open space to use in capturing a variety of images. However, considering the best time for a shoot is especially important if you have small children. You want to make sure they are comfortable, have had a snack, and are prepared for the shoot. Select times that your children are alert and awake, so they actively participate and remain on their best behavior.

Coordinate Attire

As a family, you want to look unified but not appear the same. For your family pictures to look great, wear colors, and clothes that complement each other. Avoid matching your outfits as that can hide the people that you are and the focus just goes to the clothes. You want to make sure that your family stands out in the frame, doesn’t hide in it. If it’s a summertime shoot, you have many options to choose the best colors and accessorize where you can. Try to avoid busy patterns, or very bright colors. Add a variety of similar colors with some easy patterns that compliment each other.

Choose Your Location Carefully

It is not a given that your family portrait should be in the outdoors even if the weather is pleasant. Many couples choose outdoor shoots because their children are small and they want to capture them in a natural unconstrained setting. Choose a location that suits your family and discuss your options with your photographer. The best family photographer in Charlottesville always guides their clients towards the best options for a family shoot.

Research Some Family Portraits

When you search the internet or even skim through your photographer’s portfolio you will come across many funny and interesting ideas for family portraits. Don’t go into a shoot blank face, not knowing what you’d like. A photographer can suggest many poses while only you might know what portrays your family in the best way. Do some research and dig around for some inspiration to create your own unique ideas for your family portraits.

End Note

There is no perfect time to get your family portraits done, but you should get them done at various life stages. For example, when kids are young, as they grow up, and when they graduate because these portraits build memories and reflect upon you as a family and how far you’ve come. Don’t wait until you lose weight, or grow your hair longer, or whatever your hesitations are. Your family will only be this age once, don’t miss the opportunity to capture the memories of today! If you’d like to get your family portraits done by one of the best family photographer in Charlottesville, call today to book your appointment: 434.214.0382.

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