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Pinterest: Introducing The Soon To Arrive Payable Pins

Perhaps the most requested update that is made of the Pinterest management team is for good old fashion ‘BUY’ buttons that will allow businesses to be able to directly drive qualified leads back to their website payment gateway, where a sought after purchase can be easily made.

Payable Pins

Payable Pins

The welcomed news came down recently from Pinterest that within the next few weeks this ability to sell directly from your pin board will be introduced by way of a: Buyable Pin for all users in the United States and hopefully to all other users soon after.
Blue Buttons

At that stage when you see a blue button you will instantly know that that product is able to be purchased. Pinterest have also revealed that by the end of June 2015, US users will have access to over two million products through Buyable Pins through Apple mobile devices. For Android or PC users these will be available in the future.

Initial trial retail partners such as: Macy’s Department stores, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom will already be offering their products whereas thousands of additional online sellers will also soon add to this list through partnering e-commerce platforms such as: Shopify.

Secure Checkout That Is Quick And Easy

Currently it is believed that around eighty percent of Pinterest users go on through mobile devices and not traditional desk tops or lap tops and so these Buyable Pins will have the effect of simplifying the process to facilitate a quicker more efficient sale.

A Cost Free Sales Avenue

Pinterst have also said that they will not be charging sellers for the service and that shipping and customer service will still be actioned in the normal way by the vendor as well.

How to get Buyable Pins

For those businesses that use Shopify, simply log into your account and add the Pinterest channel. You can enable the Buyable Pins quickly using a small number of steps.

For businesses using Demandware as a shop front, you will also have access to Buyable Pins within the next few weeks. Just contact your Demandware customer service manager and inquire.

After the business sets up the Buyable Pins, you will then also see that the Pins on Pinterest will also have buy pins, driving the potential for additional sales even further.

Businesses will now continue to thrive in this target market rich environment with the fairy tale win-win scenario where the customer creates their ideal future, the business succeeds and Pinterest continue their record of unmatched growth grow.

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