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5 Things Your Professional Photographer For Holiday Cards Wants You To Know!

It’s that time of the year again when families enthusiastically come together for a holiday card picture and just like any other photograph, on any other occasion; you want this to be perfect as well. With Christmas Bells in the air and the general festive atmosphere encapsulating everyone, it’s a time for relatives to come together, celebrate and relax.


5 Things Your Professional Photographer For Holiday Cards Wants You To Know!

5 Things Your Professional Photographer For Holiday Cards Wants You To Know!

If you want your holiday card photography to be perfect this merry season, here are 5 tips from my first hand experience that I want you to concentrate on for the best pictures:

1.     Dress Up

Whether your family members are minimalist or not, dress up for the pictures. If you don’t feel good, it will show in your pictures as well and your photographer won’t be able to capture your best shots. If possible, color co-ordinate your clothes. This doesn’t mean everyone wears the same colors but at least wear contrasts that blend nicely in the image. Avoid wearing patterns or something too flashy.

2.     Discuss What You Want

As a family, you may have an idea of what you want your picture to look like and it’s really important to discuss that with your photographer. Your professional photographer for holiday cards will have a mind of their own with great ideas to help make your pictures look good but it may be something different than what you were looking forward to. Discussing your ideas will help them accommodate to it accordingly and produce the best possible results.

3.     Indoors or Outdoors?

While your home sets the perfect stage for a good family holiday picture, the outdoors isn’t so bad either. You could look as good in your well decorated living room as you could outside in the sunlight amid Christmas decorations. However, it is for you to decide and that decision should be carefully made prior to the session.

4.     Relax, it is Just a Photo!

While some people can become stiff and worry too much about looking good, you should simply relax and be yourself. It’s just a picture after all and stressing about it won’t do you any good. At best, it is advised that you allow your photographer to take candid shots and everyone should interact in a way that there’s no stiffness in the environment.

5.     Add Some Props

Working with props is exciting and helps add flair to the photographs. Also, when you have something to hold on to, your mind is diverted and the pictures come out more natural. Whether it’s a family photo album, an heirloom, festive holiday hats or some of the more conventional props, you can discuss your options with your photographer to add some fun into your holiday photographs.

At the end of the day, your professional photographer for holiday cards helps to not only take beautiful pictures but works with you in a collaborated way that allows you to discuss your ideas for the photographs. To book your holiday card photographer for professional pictures, call at 434.214.0382 or write to melody@melodyrobbinsphotography.com.

What to Wear For Your Portrait Shoot

What you wear for your portrait shoot is important. Although it can make or break your portrait, but most of the times, people tend to forget that. Your Charlottesville portrait photographer can take great shots in which you appear good but if you made a poor choice of clothes, it can really affect your overall portrait. For the best results, it does help to dress up nicely so that you look your best. Wearing the wrong color or pattern can draw attention away from your face and make you look silly. Here are the most important considerations on dressing up for your portrait shoot:



Choose a Flattering, Solid Color

The color you wear can help you stand out or blend in with your portrait and choosing the right color of your shirt or blouse is very important. You don’t want to experiment with a new color at this point. You must already know which color looks good on you and that is the one to go with. Choose a solid color in a mute tone that looks flattering with your skin tone.

Choose a Carefully Selected Outfit

You want to look good but you know what? You can’t look as good in a sweater and jeans as you can in a blouse and skirt in your portrait. The same idea goes for men. Try to dress up at least semi-formally so that your portrait makes a good impression. Ladies – choose a top whose sleeves cover till your elbows and pair it with a knee length skirt. Men – you should opt for long pants and a formal or semi-formal shirt. Also, choose your socks right and don’t forget a nice pair of shoes.

Wear Minimal Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, women should keep it to a minimal. Only wear small earrings and a delicate necklace, anything more than that is overdoing it. Also, most people forget to do their hair when they come for a portrait shoot, but it does really help improve the overall result if your hair looks proper and you have applied light makeup. For men, again, it doesn’t hurt to style your hair as it only adds to your personality.

Color Coordinate

If you’re going for a portrait shoot with your family or partner, color coordinate your clothes. This is because you don’t want any one person to stand out or take attention away from the others. Also, color coordinated portraits enhance the overall photograph as well.

Nothing looks better than thoughtfully chosen clothes that flatter your image, don’t take attention away from your face and help you enjoy your portrait shoot. When you walk in without any idea whatsoever of what to wear, it can be a disaster for both yourself and your Charlottesville portrait photographer. Make sure you make the most of the session you book and in case of any specific needs or confusion, talk to your photographer beforehand. For enquiries and booking, dial 434.214.0382.

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